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Almancil, Portugal
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Marc Van Gelder
Golden Visa Properties
About Golden Visa Properties
Golden Visa Properties is one of the leading real estate agents in Portugal, with headquarters in the Algarve and representative offices in the area of ​​Lisbon and Porto and deals with some of the most exclusive properties in Portugal and in the International market. Golden Visa Properties is registered in the Portuguese authorities as a licensed agent, complying with strict standards, complemented by its multinational team and is fluent in English, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese among others. Golden Visa Properties is also specialized in properties that give access to the Golden Visa and has a good collection of properties that will classify the applicant for the application of the Golden Visa Portuguese. "Our portfolio of more than 700 properties together with 25 years of experience in the real estate market in Portugal, we can offer our clients the best properties and fantastic investments. In addition, we offer in-depth knowledge and experience in the local market and provide truly first-class service to all our clients, we can independently recommend legal, architectural, financial and construction and design professionals who meet the highest standards

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