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Carlink International

Carlink is an international Automotive Company operating on the European B2B market for new cars, both LHD & RHD. We specialize in purchasing large lots of new cars and selling them to the larger retail traders, rental- & leasing companies.


Established in 1996 we have become one of the largest players in this market in a relatively short time. Each year we move thousands of cars of almost every make & model. At this moment we have a strong market presence in the U.K, Germany, France, Spain & Italy and are increasingly looking beyond the European markets. We would therefore very much welcome new contacts & business opportunities in Asian, African & American markets.


Key success factors are that we keep things simple and the cars cheap. We can rely on an extensive European network of suppliers. We source cars from wherever they are available. We do this fast and obtain them at the lowest price. We are able to order cars exactly up to the specification you desire, but you can, of course, also take your pick from the many cars we offer ex-stock. Please, apply for a login - if you do not have one yet - to check our current stock!


If you have any questions or requests our skilled sales staff will be happy to assist you! They all have a long experience in the Automotive sector and most have previously worked successfully for various official dealerships. This means you can depend on extensive knowledge, especially with regard to exclusive European makes, like Audi, BMW, Fiat, Porsche, Landrover etc.


Carlink also operates as the official export department for a growing number of official dealers and importers, resulting in the following benefits for our customers; direct payment to the source; an official factory dealership, direct access to factory information, regularly updated delivery times, and sharper prices! The main benefit for the dealers we represent is that we basically do their work. We take care of the paperwork, handle communication with the customers, and arrange payment & delivery of the cars. This means the dealers can give all the attention to their regular customers & still increase sales!


Close cooperation with major transport companies and a long experience in handling mean that we can move your cars to wherever you want and provide you with the necessary documentation. For more information please go to ‘our services’ to find out how we can assist you.