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08010, Barcelona, Spain
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Fantastic Frank Barcelona
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Andrada Camelia
Andrada Camelia
Fantastic Frank Barcelona
About Fantastic Frank Barcelona
Fantastic Frank will be tapping into the universal human desire to feel inspired when buying a new home. Our tradition of great Real Estate service, outstanding service and a passion for interior design will soon be offered to clients in Barcelona and Ibiza.
With exclusive representation within Cataluña and Ibiza, we are more than excited to take you on this new journey on how Real Estate can be done different through design and creativity.

Fantastic Frank is a real estate agency franchise operating in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain. Flawless service, carefully curated properties and a passion for aesthetics, sets us apart. Our focus on design and visual communication has shaken up a conservative industry. This vision has made us one of the world’s most well-known real estate brands. Fantastic Frank Real Estate was founded 2010 in Stockholm.