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Daniele Manasse Real Estate

Palazzina Salvatelli - Piazza delle Muse, 00197, Rome, Italy
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Daniele Manasse Real Estate
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Daniele Manasse
Daniele Manasse Real Estate
About Daniele Manasse Real Estate

I was born in 1968, I am from Rome, I attended high school and I have a degree in philosophy, humanistic culture. I am a lover of beauty and I have a strong passion for art, luxury, fine living and luxury lifestyle.

Business has led me to travel a lot over the years. I have visited luxury houses and properties with the aim of evaluating important treasures and art objects.

All of this gave me the inspiration to create an important know-how, both in the artistic and commercial areas. And in fact, I was in charge of estimating and mediating the sales of important legacies and art collections.

And this is how I enter the real estate world. I take care of my selected customers and I offer them my personal knowledge gained through my past experiences.


The main purpose is to mediate the acquisition or sale of luxury properties, but following a different path. I’m talking about a personalized service -or better to say- sartorial service. It is an attentive and accurate benefit based on research and an extremely close selection of properties.

Now I offer a personalized approach to the market as a trusted property finder. I guarantee maximum confidentiality and I personally take care of the customer’s buying and selling needs. Moreover, I offer tailored advice with the aim of maximizing results and optimizing production times.


This way of working allows me to match the right property to the right customer. For this to happen, it is necessary to anticipate the market, finding the most inviting investments to be included among Daniele Manasse’s proposals, before they reach a wider public.

I have formed a group of admirable professionals over the years. They take care of notary and legal assistance, consultancy for architects, engineers and interior designers.