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Cottage Properties Antic Village S.L.

Josep Mª Vento, 16, 17744, Navata, Spain
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Cottage Properties Antic Village S.L.
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About Cottage Properties Antic Village S.L.
Cottage Properties is a company with extensive experience in the real estate sector, especially in country houses, rustic properties, charming town houses and luxury homes. We have a wide portfolio
of real estate in the provinces of Barcelona and Gerona, specifically in areas such as l'Empordà, Costa Brava and Maresme.

We offer much more than traditional real estate services. Each client is important to us and we treat them in a personalized way. We help them in each and every one of the needs they have in relation to the purchase and sale of this type of property. Our legal department has different professionals who handle all legal and administrative issues from the beginning to the end of the process.
We also have a team with extensive experience in reforms. If you want to turn the house you are going to buy into the house of your dreams, we make it possible. With our reforms we substantially revalue the house.