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Città Ideale S.r.l.

Corso Mameli 203, 28921, Verbania, Italy
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Città Ideale S.r.l.
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Davide Mogavero
Città Ideale S.r.l.
About Città Ideale S.r.l.

Based in Verbania, in the heart of the Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta region, Città Ideale has over 50 years’ experience in real estate. Its team of highly experienced agents will welcome you and put all their professionality at your service. They will be at your side all the way to find you your dream home. From viewing through to legal exchange, they will assist you and provide you with any additional expertise you may require. Our success story has been written by thousands of satisfied and loyal customers over the years and we stand ready to write the next chapter with you.