Argentario Golf Residences

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Argentario Golf Residences

Augusto Orsini, born in Rome, made his first yearly trek to the Tuscan Argentario Peninsula as a young boy, with his family and his golf-loving father.  A love for the place, Tuscan lifestyle, nature and local flavors, led Orsini to conceive the project that culminated in the creation and inauguration of the Argentario golf course in 2006, of the 5-star Argentario Golf Resort & Spa in 2009, and of Argentario Golf Residences in 2016.
One of the main ideas behind the project was to show Tuscany’s progressive side. “In Tuscany, you are used to seeing rustic villas – which are beautiful – but I wanted to do something new, something fresh”, says Orsini. To fulfill this dream, Orsini looked for particular materials that would give the resort and villas a unique and eco-conscious spirit in rustic Tuscany.
The most modern aspect of the resort is its eco-conscious philosophy, stretching from the gourmet restaurant that uses local products from Maremma Tuscany and from the resort’s own organic vegetable garden, all the way to the golf course, which Orsini built with as little environmental impact as possible. Located on what were formerly abandoned and arid lands, today the golf course is maintained with natural products and has received the BioAgricert environmental certification for sustainability and water management. 300.000 new plants were introduced in the area as a result of the creation of the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, and the new habitat has favored the return of animal species such as fallow deer, hares and a variety of birds in the area.
Today, Argentario Golf Resort & Spa and its real estate project – Argentario Golf Residences  –  express the sophisticated side of Italian lifestyle in an exclusive coastal area of Tuscany, providing the perfect mix of Maremma flavors, sports and wellbeing in a protected Mediterranean oasis.