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Arcus Real Estate

Ermou 75, Konstantinou Karamanli 71 & Psaron 21, 54642, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Arcus Real Estate
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About Arcus Real Estate
ARCUS was founded in 2017 to radically change the real estate management industry in Greece. From the first moment we believed that people are the focus of our business success. Proof of our philosophy is the Personnel Management department that we founded with great care to always attract only the right people, who in combination with the standard training program we have built and follow for life, train highly trained consultants from insight to the trend of the world market up to the specialized experience in the management of small-scale local market.


With a human resources that exceeds 120 excellently trained associates, and a rich portfolio of quality characteristics that manages more than 4000 properties, the ARCUS group is evolving into an industry leader with a stable network development throughout Greece and abroad. Our vision at ARCUS is to continuously invest in quality and innovation, offering our customers high value-added services.


Development with respect to our customers and partners.
Providing added value to our customers through quality services.


To establish our leading position in the field of Real Estate
Network Development with nationwide service coverage
To strengthen the international profile of the company with strategic alliances.

Strategy of goal achievement

The strategy to achieve our goal is to maintain a portfolio of high quality urban and commercial real estate, strong investment proposals that provide attractive and low-risk income returns.