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AD Property Solution Luxury Homes

V.le Spartaco Lavagnini 42, 50129, Firenze, Italy
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AD Property Solution Luxury Homes
Domenico Ambrosio
Domenico Ambrosio
AD Property Solution Luxury Homes
About AD Property Solution Luxury Homes
The Real Estate is a history of passion, of experience since 1998. Acting for the real estate industry’s leading players, we advise on the full range of real estate related transactions. We advise on corporate from the initial acquisition of the real estate, the analysis and due diligence, the financing, the planning and the implementation of the strategies of development.
Successfully resolving the client's esigent. We work closely with our clients to develop the most effective solutions.
In the last years, we have been involved in assisting companies that wish to move their legal registered office to Italy and individuals who have applied for the tax regime called res-non-dom and, together with our office's partners , have submitted a request for a Visa or a residence permit.
We are dedicated to the innovation of the luxury real estate sector, for those looking for an Exclusive Home, a Main Villa, Property in Top Location, Boutique Hotel, Farm House or Investing in Real Estate Developments.
We specialize in high-level transactions in Italy, Guaranteeing High Competence and Maximum Privacy

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