Jason Farris

Area: Fresno, California

Affiliation: Fresyes Realty
Premium Agent


For me, there is no better place than Fresno.

I’ve called it home for my entire life. I’ve breathed its air, basked in its sunshine, reveled in its easy-going atmosphere. For me, there’s no other place on Earth that instills such a feeling of home, such a sense of community. For me? There’s no other place I want to be.

For me? Fresno has it all. I want to stand on the rooftops and shout, “FresYES!”

I grew up in Fresno. Relaxed in its calm breezes, listened with my dad to the crack of the bat at little league baseball games when I was a kid and now take my son to do the same at minor league games. I broadened my mind at its schools (I went to high school right here at San Joaquin Memorial, and to college at Fresno State!) I love that if I drive for two hours in one direction, I can be in the mountains. For two hours in another, luxuriating on a California beach. I can enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of San Francisco or Los Angeles, but still be able to come home to relaxation, calm, and quiet.


Fresno lives and breathes who I am. Whether it’s spending time with my family and friends at neighborhood barbecues, playing with my kids in our parks, or sipping a glass of wine with my lovely wife, Fresno makes it that much more special. And I want you to love it as much as I do!

I love where I live, and I also love what I do. I’m lucky to be able to work in a profession in which I get to build relationships; one that has me meeting new people each and every day and helping them to build new lives in my beloved city. I’m lucky enough to work in a profession in which I can marry cutting-edge technologies and marketing techniques to good, old-fashioned, nose-to-the-grindstone work. I am lucky enough to work in a profession that allows me to work as an advocate for my clients; to use every tool at my disposal to get a job done well for them, and with as little stress and expense as possible.

I love my city. I love my job. One inspires my excellence for the other.

Fresno? I say FresYES.