Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike US$25,000

Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike
Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike
Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike
Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike

Listed Price

approx. $25,000
approx. €20.940,70
approx. AED91 825
approx. $32,745.65
approx. $31,356.15
approx. CHF23,025
approx. ¥163,602.50
approx. £18,189.98
approx. HK$194 353,25
approx. kn158.517,50
approx. $501,446.25
approx. kr212.246,75
approx. ₽1.904.370
approx. kr213 098
approx. ฿787,532.60
approx. R363,153.50
approx. $711,550
approx. ₱1,213,992.68
approx. Kč542 934,18
approx. ₨1,008,750
approx. $33,551.18
approx. $20,832.20
approx. $17.707.500
approx. B/.25,000
approx. $50,000
approx. ₹1,881,872.58
approx. ¥2,728,925
approx. $67,563.75
approx. $35,491.20
approx. £18,189.98
approx. R$142.605,02
approx. ₪82,335.25
approx. ر.ع.9,625.150
approx. zł95 616,38
approx. $51,656.25
approx. $91.698.500
approx. Fr2,498,892
approx. $25,000
approx. ر.ق91,025
approx. ₡15.327.467,10
approx. Ft7 525 875
approx. د.م.223,737.50
approx. kr.155.737,50
approx. $25,000
approx. ₨5,037,395.60
approx. ₺203.127,50
approx. RM103,362.50
approx. ر.س93,764.32
approx. ₩28 073 221
approx. $50 391,45
approx. ₲156 098 404,52
approx. Rp365.716.250


  • Year: 2007
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States
  • Address: Luxury Brokers International
  • Color: Black
  • Motorcycle type: Street
  • CC: 1000
  • Condition: Used


  • Chassis # ZDM1WABP47B007913

  • Custom Built With The Highest Quality Components

  • Constructed To Match It's Track Day Counterpart

  • Wonderfully Maintained And Ready For Enjoyment

The example on offer here, Chassis ZDM1WABP47B007913, is a 2007 Ducati Paul Smart Replica Road Bike. This motorcycle was built from the ground up to be the road going counterpart to the well written about and highly successful AHRMA series Paul Smart Race Bike offered from the same collection. It was crafted by the current owner from only the highest quality components to provide a cutting edge riding experience that is as close to a dedicated track weapon as one could muster with a license plate on the back. The story goes that shortly after completing the build of his 2007 Ducati Paul Smart Replica Race Bike, the owner was sitting in his garage admiring the machine when he noticed in the background, shelves full of perfectly good components left over from the build and had the lightbulb moment to build a street bike to complement the race bike. He reached out to Ducati specialist Chris Boy of Moto Corse Performance of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who was just as ecstatic about the idea. The owner and consignor purchased a Sport Classic frame and Paul Smart rear swing-arm from Chris and the build began with help from ex-Fast By Ferraci head mechanic Phil Seiberlich. Many of the components used on the build were redundant to the race bike, including the custom race shifter. The 1000cc engine that was originally utilized in the race bike build was placed into the Sport Classic frame. The wiring harness utilized on this machine was originally from the race bike and was built and customized for road use by Larry Zullo who also took care of the final tuning and mapping of the ECU. Ducati security systems can be very finicky and usually need a specific key in order to work with a given system. To get around this, a Micro-Tech ECU and Aim Strada dash were integrated in order to be able to utilize the existing wiring harness from the race bike with mounting brackets built by fabricator Al Brown. A new pair of Ducati 1098 forks were sourced and mated to Adriana triple clamps to provide excellent riding characteristics. The beautiful metallic grey paint was expertly laid by Moto Corse GM Carl Cohen to beautifully match the race version. The final step was to add Rizoma handlebars and mirrors which provide a nice factory finished look to this amazing custom built Ducati.

Out on the street, the “Smart 1000” as its lovingly called by its owner and creator, is a perfectly balanced machine. Extremely light, comfortable, and with plenty of power to induce ear to ear grins all day. Coming in right around 380 pounds, this Ducati is light on its feet and extremely nimble. Although it “only” has 88 horsepower from its 1000cc engine, its 73 pound-feet of torque easily raises the front wheel and provides plenty of throttle to power the featherweight machine in a beautifully linear fashion, with endless amounts of acceleration always just a throttle twist away. The seating position is well thought out and provides plenty of comfort for extended riding periods, with the bike being utilized by the owner regularly for errands and around town riding. The lack of a tall windscreen and fairing out front means that the rider's view is unimpeded, proving excellent visibility all around when perched on top of the machine. There are minimal frills and comfort features included on this Ducati, but then again it was always intended to be a purpose-built machine.

As it sits today, this bike needs absolutely nothing. An immense amount of effort and time went into building this machine to be of a factory-finished quality. The fit and finish on this Ducati is next level and aside from the collection of top-tier components scattered throughout the build, an uninformed viewer would have trouble discerning it from something sold through their local purveyor of Ducati machines. The beautiful grey and black paint scheme with red trim remain in fantastic condition throughout. All the components located on this Ducati are in top tier condition as well. The same amount of love that went into building this machine has also gone towards maintaining it. The owner has the distinct advantage of having one of the best Ducati minds in the business, Phil Seiberlich, at his direct disposal to make sure this 2007 Paul Smart Replica Road Bike has remained in top tier condition. The sale of this bike offers a very unique opportunity to acquire one of the most well thought out and iconic custom Ducati's available. This motorcycle would make an excellent addition to any two-wheeled collection but in the end, was made to provide the ultimate road-going experience to whoever gets the unique opportunity to throw a leg over it and twist the throttle.

This bike was featured in an excellent article by Nick lenatsch in Cycleworld which can be found here: https://www.cycleworld.com/hot-rod-ducati-built-from-spare-parts/

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