The most extravagant luxury items on JamesEdition: from replica of the Batmobile to the most amazing Headset

From an exact replica of the Batmobile to the most amazing headset ever built. Here you can find some of the most extravagant luxury items on JamesEdition.

Batmobile! Today Batman is widely regarded as one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Every kid whether growing up in the 60’s or now, at some point has dreamed of donning that suit and being that fierce caped crusader, piloting the Batmobile and chasing after villains! All the way from Gotham City to the City, JamesEdition offers the famed 1966 Batmobile #005. This is a very rare and unique piece of automobile and pop culture history. Undoubtedly one of the most widely recognised and famous cars in the world, KA-POW!
Glass house! One of the stars of New Canaan's legacy of mid-century modernism, the Wiley House, designed by Philip Johnson in the early 1950's, was restored by Roger Ferris + Partners. Johnson's double-height glass pavilion with its living room and subtly hidden but generous galley kitchen cantilevers out over the fieldstone base. The slope of the land allows the lower-level rooms with the light marble floors full views of the property. The vintage swimming pool with its original diving pad is a twin to the circular pool at Johnson's Glass House. A new pool house built into the hill and the reconstructed barn/art gallery form their own separate courtyard. A stand of towering Hickory trees creates a cathedral space around the house.
New Canaan, CT, United States
A LaFerrari on your wrist! Ferrari's official high-end watch making partner, Hublot created a breathtakingly cool watch. The MP 05 LAFERRARI SAPHIRE indicates the time with seconds and also its reserve power, and if you want to recharge it, you will need a special tool which looks like a drill to get the job done. If that is not enough, the entire case and mechanical movement looks like a LaFerrari engine.
Price On Request
Nürnberg, Germany
Former truck cover! Irene Sauter captures the depth in simplicity. Her work has been honored and recognized by numerous institutions and foundations. This prestigious recognition of her achievements is a testament to the valuable statement she has made and continues to make through her exploration of the influence of images. This artwork consists on a Former truck cover of 435 x 215 cm
, weighted in approx. 7 kg .
Meet the best headphones in the world! Otherworldly sound, timeless beauty and perfectly engineered. Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology these headphones transform music from something you listen to, into something you live in. With an audio range from 8 Hz to more than 100 kHz, and the lowest distortion ever measured in a sound reproduction system: 0.01% at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL, these headphones are available for sale on JamesEdition.
Wedemark, Germany