Always up to date: Five stylish watches with a chronograph function for the world traveler to choose on JamesEdition

Secondary time zones, whether we’re talking about GMTs, World Time or UTC functions, are commonplace among the more established watch companies and have become as much of a staple as having a watch with a chronograph function amidst your offerings. We’ve scrutinized the inventory and come up with four different watches from different companies, of very different styles and at varying price points.

Tool watch lovers like us welcome the surge of rugged titanium creations from Sinn with open arms. Famously, the company uses the same scratch and corrosive steel used on the outer hulls on German submarines. Yeah, that’s right - and the U2 is pressure tested to 2000m. Moreover, the ETA movement will function at temperatures between minus 45 degrees Celsius all the way up to 80, in case you’re digging your way down to the earth’s core, or something – and just happen to want to know what time it is back home.
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New York, NY, United States
This one's a PAM297K from the biggest and loudest in the business, Panerai. We’re partial to this variant of the Luminor for exactly one reason: it bugs the overly purist Paneristi that we’ve come to love yet be incessantly annoyed by. A GMT function? On my Panny? And, gasp, A BRACELET? Say it ain’t so! Who cares – you don’t wear a Panerai to be discreet, so why pretend otherwise.
New York
The most – and first – recognizable GMT watch is by far the Rolex GMT Master, originally designed for Pan-Am pilots back in the earliest heydays of commercial aviation. This coffee-colored beauty complete with a gold jubilee bracelet and nipple dial, is one of those watches that probably will upset more people than it will impress – but we don’t care. As long as you have the appropriate facial hair and dark complexion, this baby will never disappoint.
Lugano, Switzerland
The Royal Oak is probably our all-time favorite luxury sports watch, and while the Offshore line sometimes steps over the line into the "way too big and loud" territory, this GMT model is just perfect. This 42mm titanium beast makes a powerful impression, regardless what timezone you're in.
And finally, there’s the Rolls of multiple timezone watches – and watches in general. And, as usual, it's a Patek. This very special "worldtimer" is especially popular in the middle east, with special "Doha" and "Mecca" editions going for quite a lot of money whenever they turn up. Not to say that this one is all that cheap either, to be frank.
München, Germany