What are you ready for love: The most exclusive Christmas presents that will make your woman’s heart beat faster

'Tis the season of lights and love. And love becomes more beautiful when it is shared through affectionate gifts. While the best things in life might be free, the second best things - including gifts - can be very expensive. To make sure that you are spending your money right this Christmas, we at JamesEdition have compiled a selection of exclusive listings that will make any woman's heart beat feaster. 
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Talk is silver, silence is golden. If you're having trouble expressing your affection in words, why not let these exquisite earrings speak for you? 18k yellow gold, diamonds and mother of pearl are combined in the classic floral design.
philadelphia, United States
Men love Rolls-Royce, women love convertibles. Why not join forces and invest in this Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupé?
Driving home for Christmas is so 2016... If you're looking to arrive in style, check out this listing to charter a Bombardier Global 6000.
Price On Request
If you're looking to spend Christmas elsewhere, why not travel to Japan? Check out this exclusive travel arrangement that'll let you discover the heart of Japan!
Tokyo, Japan
While some people prefer apples, we are convinced that an Hermès bag a day will keep the doctor away! Check out this Kelly 32 in cognac To Go leather.
Moskva, Russian Federation
Tired of your double-shot, extra-foam, non-fat Caramel Latte? Re-discover coffee with "Royal", the World's most extraordinary coffee maker!
Meridian charter Township, MI, United States
The German brand Aquadea takes showering to a new level. Take a look at their gold-ruby shower head called LifePower7...
Sulzemoos, Germany
Nothing says 'I love you' like flowers. And while real ones wither, this full diamond pavé brooch by Bvlgari will last a lifetime.
philadelphia, United States
Diamonds are like love - eternal. Spread the love with this Cartier eternity band in 18k yellow gold and 1.0 carat sparkling diamonds.
Philadelphia, PA, United States
What time is it? Christmas time! And what looks better under a Christmas tree than this Rolex Datejust?