Feel a trace of time: Luxury properties ever belonged to historical figures featured on JamesEdition

Nowadays, there are countless projects competing for the most modern properties and complexes. But none of these could ever compare to landmark buildings with a century-old historic background. We have selected the most iconic properties, all once owned by legends of their time. On this list, JamesEdition features properties belonging to historical figures as Mona Lisa, composers like Giacomo Puccini or writers such as Leo Tolstoy. 

This beautiful villa, located just 5 kilometers from Florence, is full of history. From 1498 to 1517 it was the property of the powerful Del Giocondo family of which the famous Mona Lisa, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, named "La Gioconda", was portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci around 1505.
firenze, Italy
Villa Manin is part of the extraordinary ‘world' consisting of the 2,400 historic villas that characterize the landscape of Veneto. It once belonged to Ludovico Manin, last ‘Doge' of the Republic of Venice. Thanks to its location, it allowed Manin to control and manage a rich territory of markets and exchanges.
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Trevignano, Italy
The Villa Erker Hocevar has been home to two world-renowned composers: Vincenzo Bellini and the current owner who composed and recorded a 2011 Grammy award-winning album at the villa. It is located within moments walk from cafès, bars and restaurants of Moltrasio as well as the ferry dock for "Gestione Navigazione Laghi" which provides regular services around the lake.
Moltrasio, Italy
This 4-bedroom apartment is located in the famous "Tolstoy's house". It is the guest house of Count Mikhail Pavlovich Tolstoy, built in 1910-1912, is the largest and most outstanding construction of architect Fyodor Lidval. The Tolstoy House appears as a setting in several Russian films, as well as in the series "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson".
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
This Villa belonged to the famous composer Giacomo Puccini. He bought it in 1898 after his big success with "Manon Lescaut" and "La Boheme". As in other subsequent residences owned by the Composer, the strong presence of nature could not be missed, the large garden and the Park which was a place of rest and peace for Puccini but also the ideal destination for his hunts.
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Lucca, Italy