Ice, Ice, Baby: Keep scrolling and find yourself an extremely luxurious 'iced out' watches on JamesEdition

Ever since the introduction of the first luxury watch, the definition of what's truly luxurious has varied. For some, it's the number of complications, for others it might be the age. This list is about another classification of luxury: diamonds - or as some may call the precious stones: ice. According to the Urban Dictionary, 'iced out' is used in reference to a decorative item such as watches or jewelry containing a prolific quantity of diamonds. Keep scrolling to check out our coolest picks, taking 'iced out' to the extreme.

This Royal Oak is a majestic fusion of classic luxury in design and contemporary sophistication in function. 32 baguette-cut diamonds and 242 brilliant-cut diamonds will make your wrist shine!
Southampton, PA, United States
Although there's a ton of Rolex watches on the market, this one adds the 'icing' to the cake. It's GMT Master II in steel with full diamond bezel, dial and strap.
Roma, Italy
The king of diamonds Harry Winston has long moved into the timepiece sector. This Premier Ladies model comes with a total of 462 diamonds.
Airmont, NY, United States
Piaget is known for both jewels and watches. This Traditional model unites both and comes in yellow gold with a completely 'iced out' dial and bezel.
London, United Kingdom
This Classic Fusion truly deserves its name. Equipped with various functions and a total of 635, it will add glamour to any look.
Airmont, United States
If you're indecisive, this watch is for you. The classic Santos comes with three dials designs, which can be changed through swift turns. If that's not cool enough for you, there are also a total of 861 diamonds and 140 black sapphires.
philadelphia, PA, United States
Swiss brand Patek Philippe might be best known for its classic designs and endless complications. This rose gold Nautilus is proof that they can also do bling - 32.5 carats to be exact.
Atlanta, GA, United States
Diamonds are a girl's best friend. And with this Imperiale from Chopard, you'll get both diamonds and sapphires.
33431, FL, United States
What's better than a Breitling Avenger? Right - a Super Avenger. This particular model boasts a full diamond dial.
New York, NY, United States