Stylish summer at the Cote d´Azur: the most exclusive and luxurious items you can find in Monaco on JamesEdition

The most desirable items from Monaco. Enjoy the summer in Style at the Cote d´Azur. Have a look at the most exclusive items on JamesEdition and pick them up while you are there.

Are you in for a longer stay? This Apartment is for Rent. The terrace offers a view of the Casino and the Marina. Spacious enough for a couple with 350 sqm.
Monaco, Monaco
Arrive in style from the Nice Airport or take a sky tour of the Riviera. This Eurocopter will carry you and your family.
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Flashy bang timepiece for the collectors. This Royal Oak Offshore is a truly rare watch.
Monaco, Monaco
Get around the coast in this iconic SLS. Fresh Air, sporty setting. Don´t forget your glasses.
And yes, there is a reason to be in Monaco besides the Palace and the Casino. Enjoy the best sight of the Principaute from Seaside in this Superyacht. The catamaran build ensures a convenient trip at leisurely 17 km/h.