0-100 in 3 seconds

Going from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds is one of the most prestigious things to do. It's rare to have but a lot of fun to do. The smile after acceleration stays on your face for at least three minutes. Therefore JamesEdition compiled a list of cars that make you go happy.

Ferrari 488 spider
3 Seconds - this spider will bring you up to 100 in exactly that time.
€ 265.000
Ferrari laferrari
Not another Ferrari but THE Ferrari. A bit more expensive than the 488 GTB. But also is doing the magic in 3.0 seconds.
US$ 3,250,000
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The all new McLaren 675LT will go to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds
€ 285.000
Haar/ Munich, Germany
Porsche 911 turbo s 2014 red beige 10 000 km
The Porsche Turbo S does the trick as fast as the McLaren - 2.9 seconds.
Price On Request
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Superveloce - that´s the buzz word. Makes your heart leap in 2.8 seconds.
CHF 550,000
Oberglatt, Switzerland
Mclaren p1 gtr road legal mso stock
Rare and fast the McLaren P1 is the icon that catapults you to 100 in mere 2.8 seconds. This unique GTR might do the trick a little faster though.
€ 3.193.000
Elsloo, Netherlands
Nissan gtr 1 1 track edition
One of the low-priced examples for excellence in performance. The Nissan GT-r is doing 100 in only 2.7 seconds
Price On Request
2015 porsche 918 spyder number 324 with 848 000 msrp acid green stitching
James secret favorite The 918 Spyder is somewhat ecological and super stunning. Bystanders will have no time to admire the design as Porsche is doing the 100 km/h acceleration in only 2.6 seconds
US$ 1,488,888
Addison, TX, United States
Bugatti chiron blue pre order
The Bugatti Chiron was the superlative Centaur among his folk in greek mythology. This Bugatti does the same within the supercar family. Big, versatile and fast: 2.5 seconds.
Price On Request
2006 bugatti veyron 16 4
The Bugatti Veyron does 0 to 100 in 2.46 seconds. But more impressive is that it will go to 240 km/H in 9.8 seconds
US$ 1,425,000
Greenwich, CT, United States