Did you lose faith in the Stock Markets? See different opportunities for stable investments you can find on JamesEdition

Are you concerned about negative interest? Did you loose faith in the Stock Markets? If you don't want to end up constantly monitoring your portfolio and react to each tick of the market have look at these opportunities. On the menu: Iron, Gold and - naturally - bricks. Their common element though: a stable value growth performance. Please also compare The James Edition Index which we started to roll out for cars recently. You will be able to monitor the values for almost all car models.

Patek philippe new june special grand complications 5078r 001 rg
Few watches available hold value like a Patek Philippe watch, and fewer still do it so consistently. These are of the rare watches you can plan on being investments. So whoever you are, you can be ‘someone’ by joining the exclusive feeling, but not impossible to get into, club by being a proud Patek Philippe watch owner.
HK$ 2,680,000
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1969 ferrari 365 gtb 4 daytona
If you are a fan of vintage cars you should definitely buy some. The values of vintage cars have been stable for years. You should go for the italian and german brands as they didn't make that many cars. Especially Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche have been the hottest classics of late. One suggestion is a 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA The performance has been stable until three years - now it´s skyrocketing in value. See the James Edition Index for this http://www.jamesedition.com/cars/ferrari/365/prices
Price On Request
Los Angeles, CA, United States
12 02 fancy yellow internally flawless diamond engagement ring
Things that are unique and have a certain value to collectors have a stable value. Collector’s items are always liquidatable in auctions. So you will wisely choose a diamond ring which has something rare about it. A diamond engagement ring can also be seen as an investment for the future. Ask for her hand with a diamond that will shine for a lifetime.
US$ 400,000
FL, United States
Terraces at 2 fifth avenue
Investing in a real estate seems like an obvious idea. But not every real estate can offer you a stable value development. The property markets of Manhatten and London exhibited a growth in value that outperformed some of the most successful stock exchanges over the last ten years.
US$ 7,995,000
New York, NY, United States