Your thrilling experience on JamesEdition: The most unexpected BMW sportcars you might think of

Sportscar? Supercar? Hypercar? You might think of Italy, England - some of you might even think of UAE, America or Sweden - but the mother of street legal racing is the Bayrische Motorenwerke from Munich; better known to most as BMW. Within the company, they recruited a few crazy speed-enthusiasts, including former professional racers and mechanics. This is the M-Group. Together they built the most unexpected sportscars in the 70s, and continue to do so today. Have a look.

The most famous product of the M family and one of only 399 to be built, the BMW M1 was the fastest car in the world in 1980. In fact, it's top speed of up to 310 km/h is still quite competitive, even by today's standards.
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Scotts Valley, CA, United States
CSL - three magic letters started the later M Division. In 1971, the Bavarians started to build these sporty lightweight Coupes.
Neuss, Germany
From the late 80s, the BMW M3 has been dominating the street racers in Europe. The coupe looks quite harmless, but has a brutal power that will enable you to compete with a Porsche, at half the price.
Houston, TX, United States
Derived from the M3's success, BMW came up with a version for the CEO who wants to race in style. Much more powerful than his little brother, but also more luxurious and therefore heavier, the BMW M5 is still essentially a street racer.
For the Millennium the Z8 was brought on the market. Hand-crafted, less masculine, more relaxed - although very agile the Z8 became a sought after collectors item white soon.
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Dramatically reinventing itself, BMW started the i8 concept this decade. Acceleration is tremendous as all of the power comes from electric motors. The 3 cylinder engine in the back only regenerates the electric drive. Presently, the prices are excellent for buyers. Asking prices was starting around 150k, and pre-owned models are available for around 100k.