Interesting things to know before buying one of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona models on JamesEdition

In 2008, Arnold Schwarzenegger summarized how most of the male world perceived Paul Newman: "Paul Newman was the ultimate cool guy, who men wanted to be like and women adored." Surely Paul had lots of friends, women and toys, but there has been one item which has become the Holy Grail of watch collectors: The Rolex Daytona. Below we will try to outline what you should know before buying one of over 1,000 Daytonas on offer at JamesEdition. To start, you need to understand that actually there is no single Paul Newman Daytona. He owned and wore different Rolex Daytona Models as he was a big fan of the brand. Some of the models Paul Newman has owned: - Exotic white dial with outer black dial & matching sub dials [Rolex Reference 6239] - White dial stainless steel [Rolex Reference 6241] - Black dial stainless steel [Rolex Reference 6263] - Zenith White Dial Stainless Daytona - White gold Rolex Daytona on a black crocodile strap

A Reference 6241 from 1965, shortly before Paul Newman started to appear wearing Rolex. However, it's rumored that Paul Newman had to actually buy his fist Rolex and was not sponsored. Also, it was easy to get a Daytona in 1972. There was no waiting list for the US $300 timepiece.
Bruxelles, Belgium
Yes, there is a manual. Or to phrase it in a classic way: Please get this Bible before you hunt the Holy Grail. It´s limited to just 300 books and is actually worth every penny. Or at least it will save you a 100k for not buying the "wrong" watch.
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CSL - three magic letters started the magic of the later M Division. In 1971 the Bajuvarians started to build these sporty lightweight Coupes.
Neuss, Germany
This is a perfectly fine Rolex Daytona from 2006. It's actually a Paul Newman Edition and is in great condition. However, it's not THE Paul Newman Daytona we are referring to in this list.
Stuttgart, Germany
This Daytona 6239 is from 1968 and can be picked up in Paris. When asking for the price, please ask for a wristband replacement as Paul Newman never wore his Daytona with a Jubilee bracelet.
Paris, France
For a different look, here is the black dial Paul Newman started to wear as his second watch. The Rolex Daytona 6239 with white background, black dial and red minutes.
Boulogne Billancourt Uniquement Sur Rdv, France
And finally, the reason to buy the above mentioned Rolex bible. Is it a Paul Newman? Yes, it is. Is it the Paul Newman Daytona you want? Maybe! With over 1.7 million watches made, the Daytona has so many varieties and details that only the true believer can find the Holy Grail.
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Chiavari, Italy