Solloshi Luxury Cigar Accessories $ 4,990

Solloshi Luxury Cigar Accessories
Solloshi Luxury Cigar Accessories
Solloshi Luxury Cigar Accessories
Solloshi Luxury Cigar Accessories

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$ 4,990
approx. € 4.232,02
approx. $ 4,990
approx. 18,327.77 د.إ
approx. $ 6,516.94
approx. $ 6,425.12
approx. CHF 4,932.12
approx. ¥ 33,024.32
approx. £ 3,739.01
approx. $ 39,005.83
approx. 31.942,49 kn
approx. $ 95,271.08
approx. 41.745,34 kr
approx. 292.473,88 ₽
approx. 42 211,41 kr
approx. ฿ 162,873.60
approx. R 64,761.22
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  • Year: 2017


Hyperion Titanium Travel Case Diamond Edition

Hyperion was one of the twelve Titan children of Uranus - the god of sky - who dethroned their father. Hyperion was the rebel who challenged the status quo and this piece of industrial art is paying homage to this brave attitude. The material of choice is out of question: titanium. 

This piece of industrial art was designed for the true cigar aficionados who travel with multiple cigars not just a single one. The extravagant design is up to the standard of a PaganiHuayra and if you travel with a car of this caliber why not give the same treatment for your beloved cigars during your grand tours? The Hyperion TC reflects master workmanship of a superior level to last a lifetime.

The Hyperion case keeps four to seven pieces of your finest cigars in pristine condition no matter how rough your journey is. The integrated humidifier ensures optimal humidity during your trips so you can enjoy your delicacies in their prime whenever you are. 

The Hyperion Travel case carries 3 of your largest cigars with up to 210mm length or even up to 4 pieces with 16mm max. diameter. 

Inner diameter: 1,732”(44mm)

Inner length: 8,27”(210mm)

Outer diameter: 1,968”(50mm)

Outer length: 9,25”(235)mm

Weight: 391g

Finishing:nACo coated with diamond implantation


Limited Edition - 168 pieces manufactured

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Solloshi Ltd

71-75, Shelton Street
Covent Garden
United Kingdom

Phone: 0036205897629
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Responsible Agent

Richard Solloshi
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