true carbon - reduced to the essentials Price On Request

true carbon - reduced to the essentials
true carbon - reduced to the essentials
true carbon - reduced to the essentials
true carbon - reduced to the essentials

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  • Location: Merzen, Germany
  • Address: Am Diek 5


This collection is one that we have developed for purists who have a feeling for aesthetics but who, above all, are particularly enthusiastic about high-end technology. On a par with a premium watch that gives the beholder a clear view of its high-quality mechanics, the true carbon table reveals its inner values straightaway: uncompromising quality, maximum value retention and stability, plus concentration on the essentials - the innovative material based on great craftsmanship.
In a straightforward manner, the design unfolds its unique effect in a high-class interior - for example in conference rooms with ultra-modern equipment and furnishings or on the representative premises of the top executives of prestigious companies. Where anthracite, white, grey and moderate earthy tones dominate the colour scheme and items made of stainless steel and aluminium set the tone, the true carbon tables reflect the elegant environment with maximum precision.

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vacopro GmbH

Am Diek 5
Member since 2021
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Marta Behnke

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