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MING Wireless Steward-Butler Call
MING Wireless Steward-Butler Call
MING Wireless Steward-Butler Call
MING Wireless Steward-Butler Call

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  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Sliema, Malta


Equally at home on land

Alongside its original use as a system designed for yachts, the Ming can serve just as easily in private jest, residential properties, royal households, luxury hotels, private island resorts, business clubs, executive boardrooms and more.

When the owner’s contentment is paramount

Seamlessly integrated in its surroundings, a true pleasure to touch and ingeniously easy to operate, Ming is the most sophisticated wireless steward call system ever created. A simple press of the hand-crafted button immediately and unobtrusively summons the staff. Without the need for a glaringly modern gadget lying on the table. And without having to interrupt one’s conversation or meal.  Unlike the complicated touch panels and cluttered on-board phones of the past, the Ming is intuitive in its functioning and perfectly matches the yacht’s interior. Similarly, the Ming is equally on a par with the other furnishings with regard to the quality of materials used and the high degree of craftsmanship – Minimum complexity combined with maximum luxury.  While the innovative Ming system itself incorporates the very latest technology to support a comprehensive feature set, it could not be any simpler to use. Two different, clearly distinct calls can be sent by either a short or long touch of the luxurious leather-clad button. Furthermore, if so desired, the steward can signal a return confirmation that is discreetly displayed via the elegant, slim LED band circling the button’s gleaming polished exterior. 

For absolute peace of mind

Wireless, intelligent and instinctive, the Ming will soon become the owner’s personal device. It is designed to fulfil one function, and one function only – and does this to perfection. One button press is all that is necessary and the owner’s desires are met. Doing away with the need for a touch panel or telephone. While simultaneously eliminating the risk of a phone call disturbing the tranquillity.  Also, as opposed to other solutions until now, the Ming does not need a set of operating instructions or time spent learning how to use a device. The ultimate in comfort, it is designed to incorporate everything a steward call system needs on a yacht, reduced to a single push of a button – Less confusion for a heightened experience.  With the beautifully styled button at one’s side, the Ming enables the owner to relax completely. Even though it is mobile, it is clever enough to always summon the steward to the right place. And, thanks to its tasteful appearance, the button lends an air of dignified finesse without being ostentatious. 

Inspired confidence

With its intuitive mode of operation, the Ming also allows guests on board to feel entirely at home and at ease. Those without luxury yacht charter experience may well be unsure of using a touch panel or an on-board telephone to summon the steward in the middle of the night. Or may simply be uncertain as to whether staff are on hand around the clock.  Without even needing to turn on the light, guests can signal for service with a single press of an elegantly crafted button. Silently and while lying in bed. Various feedback options can inform the guest that the system has received the call. The gentle illumination of the button can confirm, for instance, that a crew member is already on the way to the cabin in question – Readily comprehensible in any language.  Furthermore, the Ming enables those guests who are worried about their health to still enjoy a good night’s sleep. Individually configured press-and-hold calls can instantly summon an on-board doctor. While a single press of the button signifies that it is nothing critical. Maybe just a little headache.   

A passionate commitment to craftsmanship

Designed, engineered and completely hand-made in Germany, the Ming is a delight to have and to hold. This outstanding masterpiece is lovingly made of nothing but the finest materials found in the natural world. Premium quality leather is strikingly set against the hand-polished precious metal for a luxurious feel, while the button is manufactured to the same level of mechanical perfection found in a Swiss timepiece. Resulting in a reassuring haptic feedback whenever it is pressed.  Inspired by, yet surpassing the feel of the elaborate controls found in the interiors of the world’s most luxurious limousines, Ming represents the harmonious combination of German precision engineering and traditional craftsmanship. The result is an unparalleled tactile experience that makes the Ming much more than a steward call button.  This unrivalled attention to detail and practically unlimited ways to individualise the button means there is a Ming to suit every owner’s taste. Alongside The Original Ming is The Constellation Series, which offers a number of personalisation options. And to ensure no wish is left unfulfilled, The Bespoke Programme allows the button to be fully customised so as to mirror the owner’s personal style.  As the steward call system that cares most about design, advanced technology and simplicity, every conceivable effort has been put into how the Ming looks, how it feels and how it makes the owner feel. 

The Original

With its gleaming surface tightly bound in black leather, The Original Ming is all set to become a classic. The outline clearly evokes the stylistic elements of a nautical winch, further accentuating its natural place within a marine environment.  While The Original represents the fundamental model in the Ming range, nothing about this button is conventional. The beautiful chrome is lovingly hand-polished while the leather itself is of the finest quality and meticulously hand-stitched. And each and every Ming naturally houses the same cutting-edge technology.  This elegant blend of immaculate chrome and smooth black leather is distinctive enough to display sophistication, yet remains equally unassuming so as to perfectly blend in with the interior design of most yachts. Whether in the planning stage or already at sea. 

The Constellation Series

Thanks to an imaginative and rather exceptional selection of precious metals combined with exquisitely dyed leathers from the elite supplier, Moore & Giles, The Constellation Series allows for a total of 18 separate button variations.  Alongside the stunningly polished chrome of The Original Ming, this series additionally offers the choice of a 24-carat gold-plated exterior. The gold is lovingly applied, layer for layer, before being delicately buffed to reveal its unique and long-lasting beauty. The ultimate plating, however, is a refined, dark ruthenium, a platinum so rare that only 120 kg are extracted from the Earth each year.  Once the decision regarding the casing has been taken, each of these pristine finishes may be matched with one of six discerning coloured leather sleeves.  Whatever the choice and whatever the result, this customised Ming is sure to suit virtually any yacht interior. 

The Ming Bespoke Programme

To guarantee that the Ming is perfectly tailored to the owner’s individual personality and style, The Bespoke Programme was created to fulfil every last wish. No matter how exotic. From a rare yet decidedly understated platinum coating, right up to the use of selected diamonds for the circle of lights on the button. And no personal device is complete without its owner’s engraved insignia or yacht logo.  It goes without saying that should a particular leather be desired, whether iguana lizard or ostrich leg, it can and will be obtained. Naturally, all exotic hides are certified according to the terms of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). And for that truly unique finishing touch, the Ming can be set apart using the yacht‘s custom leather supplied by the owner.  Finally, the Ming Spare Hides Service will, upon request, carefully store and preserve some of the customer-specific leather as a replacement part, to ensure that owners can enjoy that individual look and feel of their Ming for many years to come.  It is only this unrivalled craftsmanship coupled with the Ming Bespoke Programme that is able to provide the level of customisation that turns each and every wireless button into a personal masterpiece.  .   Easy installation – zero maintenance 

True to the motto of luxurious simplicity, a technical crew member can install a Ming system large enough to cater to the requirements of a 165-foot yacht in under 90 minutes. Without the assistance of an external technician. And even while at sea.  From the very moment it begins operation, Ming promises complete reliability. Firstly, the built-in batteries are rechargeable, last for weeks and do not need replacing. Plus the need to recharge is signalled to the crew well in advance. Secondly, the integrated Self- Check function continually monitors the overall system and reports any anomalies before the guests or even the crew notice them, thus ensuring trouble-free operation twenty-four hours a day.  For maximum compatibility, the docking stations can communicate via WLAN as well as LAN, while also supporting Power over Ethernet. This allows for a fast and simple retrofit on practically any yacht without the need for additional wiring or antennae. 

Stand-alone or fully integrated 
As previously mentioned, the Ming button is designed for simple operation, and the system itself has been kept equally easy to implement with the crew in mind. The idea of minimum complexity is intended to apply to everyone on board.  Ideally, steward calls will be received using the crew’s mobile devices along with the Ming app available for the iOS™, Android™ and BlackBerry®10 platforms. This naturally reduces the response time, since these devices are usually carried about the person, resulting in the call being noticed immediately.  Additionally, the Ming may be seamlessly integrated in an existing yacht automation system, such as CRESTRON® or AMX®. This allows for call management using the yacht’s own crew touch panels based on ready-to-use software modules.  It is also possible to connect Ming via an IP-based interface to such on-board communication systems as PBX, Tetra and others. This wide range of integration options has the added advantage of enabling a retrofit without necessitating a whole new set of hardware or calling in specialist programmers.

Highly sophisticated core technologies 
Ming represents an entirely new experience in the world of wireless steward call systems. An experience directly resulting from a whole series of innovative technologies that find their very first application in a system of this kind.  A prime example of this is Ming’s Dynamic Location Assignment (DLA). Any of the buttons can be instantaneously assigned to a new room by simply placing it on the relevant docking station for a few seconds, providing previously unknown flexibility for both the owner and crew.  In addition, the system regularly checks whether all the Ming buttons are within range of their assigned docking stations. And should there be any deviation from the norm, the crew is automatically notified.  Depending on the feedback option selected, both owners and their guests can be given clear and definite visual confirmations for each steward call. Thus, a System Acknowledgement signifies that the call has been successfully received, while a Crew Acknowledgement shows that a steward is already on their way. As a result, the guests on board enjoy a heightened feeling of confidence.  Equally noteworthy is Ming’s Advanced Power Saving Technology. This ensures that each button can operate for up to four weeks on a single three-hour charge. While intelligent Remote Battery Monitoring wirelessly checks the power status of all the buttons several times a day. The system then automatically informs the crew of the need to recharge any of the buttons in good time.  In short, Ming is not only simplicity itself, but also makes the crew’s lives easier. A comprehensive list of the benchmark technologies used in the Ming system is available from the Ming website.

  Configured for personal comfort and safety

Alongside its standard use as a steward call button, the Ming can just as easily be programmed as a wireless emergency button to summon immediate medical care or security personnel. Similarly, some owners may wish for an easy method to call their captain, while certain nationalities will appreciate being able to choose between a steward and stewardess.  This is made possible by way of a press-and-hold call as opposed to a normal short button press, and furthermore thanks to simple and individual call assignments. These assignments can be set globally for the entire yacht, on a per-deck basis or even separately for each room or cabin.  On the receiving end, the devices can be configured according to the type of call to be displayed. In this way, the Ming system allows for two different steward calls to be sent to separate crew pantries, for example, while emergency or nanny calls may be transmitted to additional receiving devices, separate from those used for standard steward calls.  No other system of this kind offers such a high degree of flexibility

The Ming Knowledge Database

For every query, there is an answer. In this case, it is on the Ming website. The comprehensive Ming Knowledge Database is available online at www.mingsystem.com/support. The database provides clear and concise information on all aspects of the Ming system.  In addition to a digital version of this booklet, shipyards, owner representatives, project managers and captains will find a System Planning Guide ready for downloading. There is also a pre-worded tender text for integrating in their own project specifications, whether for a new build or a refit.  Interior designers and outfitters can download all the various drawings and images for the Ming range of products, while system integrators and ETOs will find here the detailed technical documents they may need, such as the Interface Guide, operating instructions and notes on the mobile apps. 

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