Liutanie Research Center: Prototypes and Ex Demo Price On Request

Liutanie Research Center: Prototypes and Ex Demo

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  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Alpignano, Italy
  • Address: Via grange Palmero 135
  • Internal Reference: electronics


Buying Liutanie artifacts - in addition to ensuring excellent and unique products in the world - allows you to contribute to the creation of an innovative and unique research center. 

The commitment to create implants that reproduce the 'true sound' has been indescribable and the results we have achieved in reducing the symptoms of diseases (such as Parkinson's) are remarkable, definitively eliminating even psychosomatic disorders, and of personality in subjects in infant ages with difficulties of communication and more. 

The commercialization of these components was the direct consequence of what we initially set ourselves, as the main purpose of absolute connections is precisely the use of sound as a therapeutic vehicle. Since there are no objects suitable for this purpose, we had to create them ourselves, presuming that subsequently, offering them to the audiophile market, would have allowed us autonomy with self-financing. 

The Liutanie products are specifically designed to create instruments so far not available, able to compose acoustically neutral, resonant, controlled and totally free of distortion artifacts, so as to use timbres and fundamentals to interact in wavelength and frequency with the  endocrine system of the individual, so as to stabilize the in / out connections between brain and body, and realign the energy flows of the central nervous system. 

Choosing our products also means participating in the creation of this structure and would allow us, over time (and thanks only to our efforts and commitment), to optimize and make available these treatments - already tested and tested. These treatments are aimed at the psychophysical wellbeing of people. 

Anyone wishing, for philanthropy or simple desire to invest, assist in our initiative, will get - in addition to our gratitude - products, technique, consulting, patents, studies or profits / dividends, to be later defined. 

Available at a fraction of the cost set of digital connections, signal and power ex demo and pre / production, electronically equal to those sold to the public but used or with slight imperfections and aesthetic differences. 

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