Liutanie Olimpo Driver Gold - Cp 4 m €64.440

Liutanie Olimpo Driver Gold - Cp 4 m
Liutanie Olimpo Driver Gold - Cp 4 m
Liutanie Olimpo Driver Gold - Cp 4 m
Liutanie Olimpo Driver Gold - Cp 4 m

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approx. $71,951.60
approx. €64.440
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approx. $242.488.416,06
approx. Fr7,689,734
approx. $71,951.60
approx. ر.ق261,975.79
approx. ₡40.912.300,82
approx. Ft21 199 463
approx. د.م.689,495.74
approx. kr.481.563,45


  • VAT Type: VAT Included
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Alpignano, Italy
  • Address: Via Grange Palmero 135
  • Internal Reference: Electronics


The current carrying capacity of this connection is over 100 A. A solid 10 mm section per pole, appropriately twisted and machined in an exclusive geometry, allows a spectacular reproduction without artifacts. Clear at high frequencies and shocking at the low range, the control over the entire spectrum is absolute and if combined with the other Liutanie Connections to reach perfect balance, it allows the volume to be pushed to levels that are impossible without fatiguing the listen nor compromising the audio system itsel.

As the last link in the chain, it has the task of maximizing the rest and just to make the synergy with the signal and digital easier and more magical (I put it), more attention has been paid to design and construction phase.

As the last link of the chain, Liutanie Power cables have the task of integrating themselves with all the rest. And to guarantee a synergy that results magical and easier when combined with the signal and the digital cables, and extra care has been taken at design stage and during the building stage.

 Even using our power cables individually, you will have an excellent result. Anyway, the defects given by the competiting links (with their own personalities) will inevitably be highlighted. Due to the neutrality of Liutanie Connections, other cables of different brands are paired with ours, they will disappear from the totality, and yet there won’t be gift of the absolute connection.

The kit was created specifically to give the best to those who only want the best.

Availability in pairs of 3.5 m or 4 m, but also for different lengths on request. Despite the enormous number of internal reinforcements, flexibility is excellent and the connection cables are the best offered by the market (45° or straight connectors by request - position of the poles by request too.

The Liutanie Gold Connections luxurious appearance is only the first of the main gratifications that the user will feel in buying them. The wide use of heavy 24K pure gold plating - present up to the deepest metal reinforcement starting from the soul - has no purpose of being purely aesthetic: in fact, once connected, the Connections will show their true potential, changing the vision of valuable objects into real innovative technological tools that will revolutionize the sound of your system by cleaning it and resetting it, giving it a naturalness, a magic, a dynamic and a presence previously unthinkable and unattainable with any other non-neutral connection. All this without violating the sound, but rather respecting it. Gold is indeed part of this process but not the most important one: the appearance after listening will be in second place.

Liutanie Connections do not polarize. In the most important armors there is no use of dielectrics but only of pure insulators, so as to avoid the setting in and to ensure that the properties of the connections would remain unchanged over time. Even the reproduction of the harmonics will be enriched. 

Liutanie Gold connection represents the best that the international market could offer  in the field of utter connections. Its absolute neutrality returns also the most imperceptible and inner hues of the sound. For the very first time, the electronics turn out to be literally welded together, transformating even the most complex and articulated audio system into a huge and minimal integrated audio system, that is totally devoid of joints.

It is an innovative, unique and real design which results in a uncompromising product. A real Made in Italy Audio object, designed and manifactured like the brands that are the best. It’s produced entirely by hand, and with the use of exclusive materials. And everything aimed at the creation of unique objects -as unique as the work of the most meticolous luthier .

Such a connection – that is eletrically inexistent – brings the main parameters – that affects the audio signal – to zero and, as direct consequence, the secondary ones are canceled either. Even the most expensive audio system in the world , if devoid of Liutanie Gold, (p)lays  only, therfore it is fallacious.

Do not mistake this neutrality for the absence of magic and warmth, or even for the lack of harmonics: the term “neutral” exclusively underlines a respectful behavior towards the transported signals, a respect that we have. What comes in… comes out!  

For the first time you will have the opportunity to listen to the reproduced contents of your electronics – only-, and not all the thousands of equalisations due to passive connections, that behaves like the active ones. Our are the actual passive connections and nothing more! 

• Total absence of distortion: the audio system surpasses the plate data without decomposing itself.

• Total absence of listening fatigue, even during prolonged sessions and a listen at an insanely high volume

• Total absence of  sibilants and phase rotations, with an absolute control on the whole spectrum.

• Total absence of buzzes or induced disturbances – utter silence, Music only.

• Total transmission of the audio signal: a listen that is yes physical, but also spiritual 

• Total reproduction of the infinitesimal harmonics and their decay.

• Total respect towards the reconstruction of the scene and of the timbre of each sound present.

                                                                                   Warnings: a single listen, albeit limited, is addictive!

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