Covid19 - Fight the epidemic by supporting Made in Italy Price On Request

Covid19 - Fight the epidemic by supporting Made in Italy

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  • VAT Type: VAT Included
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Alpignano, Italy
  • Internal Reference: Electronics


The epidemic-induced health crisis we are in is puttinng little and middle companies like ours on their knees. Notwithstanding, in our small way and, also, thanks to whom is giving us trust, we want to aid who's in distress: it is our intention to allocate part of our proceeds in order to provide assistance and materials for basic necessities to whom lives in our area of belonging, who now is barely surviving, staying indoors.

By purchasing of our products, not only you will have the opportunity to aquire unique items that will improve both performance and quality of your audio system to excellence, but (optionally) to take advantage of a 20 % discount (excluding VAT) from the list price - remained unchanged; or, on the other hand, by purchasing the products full-price, you will make a contribution to the fight against Coronavirus. By doing so, you will give us, in addition to the opportunity to survive as a company, to donate 20% of the collection to private charity, helping in a concrete way our medical structures that at this moment are collapsing.

Liutanie Audio is part of a community which has set out to survive such a crisis, which wants to participate in the common good of Italians and show how, when necessity dictates it, Italians can be strong and united people.

For the safety of our customest we guarantee that all products are sterilized before being shipped and then collocated into sterilezed and vacuum-sealed bags, in order to avoid any contamination whatsoever, during the journey.

The preparation for shipment is carried out in sterile environment in the total absence of pathogens, by authorized personnel only; the materials are handled with the use of surgical gloves and masks - which we arranged to buy before the dramatic epidemic spread of Coronavirus; everything is then  treated with sterilizing liquids.

Furthermore, with the help of those who want to support our initiative: in order to lighten public structures from workload, we would like to create a fully equipped field hospital, add new beds for the sick, whose number is increasig progressively, because this situation is leading our national health system to collapse. For such a purpose we decided to donate the entire proceeds of  4 golden complete Absolute Kits that will be sold first, destining the sum completely to the creation of the structure that will host the field hospital and the stocked goods that will be given to charity.

So support Made in Italy, renowned all over the world. In doing so, you will also have the opportunity to help those who need your support to overcome this global crisis. A crisis that threatens especially the life of those who are without sustenance and adequate means of protection.

Respirators, oxygen cylinders, masks, protective gloves, alcohol-based disinfectants, military tents for field hospitals, hospital bed: all that can be used to support the first aid service and help us in this challenge is welcomed. The world, if united, will survive. There are no more borders when the ultimate goal is surviva. Policies, color, borders and religious beliefs: we are all human beings; united, strong and, in a moment of need, able to show the best of us, breaking down every barrier both social and cultural.

We are not linked to any charity associations, and, consequently, we do not ask for offers in money; for this reason, part of the proceeds obtained from the list sale - which has kept the original price - will be donated to charity. Consequently, the sum will be used to purchase basic necessities and, where possible. medical equipment and supplies to be donated privately to hospitals and health facilities, such as the Red Cross – in addtion to that, directly to the needy population of our area, according to our primary purpose.

We thank all those who, by giving us trust, will support our initiatives, by purchasing or making donations of medical material useful to face the ongoing emergency.

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