"Purple Storm" (oil painting on 39" x 47" board) Price On Request

"Purple Storm" (oil painting on 39" x 47" board)
"Purple Storm" (oil painting on 39" x 47" board)
"Purple Storm" (oil painting on 39" x 47" board)

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  • VAT Type: No Duty Paid
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Little Rock, AR, United States
  • Address: 27001 Kanis Rd, Lot 8


This impressionist landscape painting is inspired by an experience I had with my mother.

We drove to the top of West Mountain in Hot Springs National Park. It was night and it began to storm as we sat parked at a scenic overlook. Each time the lightning crashed it lit up the sky in a bright flash of purple. We sat and watched for what seemed like hours. It was one of the greatest celestial experiences I've ever had.

Mom passed away a few years ago. I remember her each time I see purple in the sky, although I've never seen anything like we saw that night.

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Nathan Cain | artist

27001 Kanis Rd
Lot 8
Little Rock
United States
Member since 2021
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Agent me@nathancain.com

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