LE GUÉPARD - Poetic clock by John-M.Flaux Price On Request

LE GUÉPARD - Poetic clock by John-M.Flaux
LE GUÉPARD - Poetic clock by John-M.Flaux
LE GUÉPARD - Poetic clock by John-M.Flaux
LE GUÉPARD - Poetic clock by John-M.Flaux

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  • VAT Type: VAT Excluded
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: BESANÇON, France
  • Internal Reference: LE GUÉPARD
  • License number: 85278989000013


Le GUÉPARD is a unique table clock with a passing strike complication. It takes its identity from the complication's aesthetic shape, which is modeled on the outline of a running cheetah. Each piece of the striking-work plays an aesthetic role in the cheetah's composition. Think of it as an hour-strike fused together with a cheetah. The mechanism sets every part of the cheetah in motion, in a hybrid, mechanical-animal show. The passing strike mechanism can also be repeated by pushing the tail.
FEATURES • 205 pieces • Poetic striking complication • Passing striking mechanism, with repetition on demand • Repetition on demand actuated by the Cheetah's tail • 1 month to hand-craft and assemble • Celestial picture, acrylic paint on brass • Painted by artist Line Descombes • Traditional horological materials: tempered steel and golden brass • Limited to 5 copies, each Cheetah will be personalized with you and unique • Winding and time setting via crown • Complication winds up with a key • 45 hours of power reserve • Dimensions: 30*15*10 cm • Price on request

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