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  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Address: Königstraße 10C
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1 Kilo Goldbarren – Feinheit 999,9/1000 und selbstverständlich LBMA zertifiziert und wie immer mit einer einmaligen Seriennummer ausgerüstet. Wie auch Goldbarren mit geringerem Gewicht, ist der Goldbarren sicher und direkt nach der Prägung in einen Blister verschweißt worden. Dies garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer ohne die Gefahr von Kratzern oder anderen Beeinträchtigungen der Barren.

1 Kilo Goldbarren sind eine Gewichtsklasse für langfristige Investitionen und eine garantierte Altersvorsorge. Gold ist eine garantierte und sichere Anlage, die auch dann noch existieren kann, wenn staatliche Währungen aufgelöst werden oder Krisen die öffentliche Sicherheit gefährden.

Hartmann & Benz GmbH in Stuttgart are the owners of the unique brand easygold24. The Stuttgart-based company really has gold in the veins and combines more than 25 years of specialization in the precious metal sector with its staff.

For Hartmann & Benz, the brand name is both business and pleasure. The company only offers gold bars with a LBMA certificate. LBMA certified means highest quality standards for the production and manufacture of gold. Here, attention is also paid to ecological and ethical conditions when it comes to gold mining – so to speak "fair play“ for gold.

However, the company does not only offer the purchase of gold bars in nominal terms from 1 gram to 1 kilo and 1 ounce, but an interesting active return program for an investment in gold bars. Here, as a matter of principle, only physical gold is bought, invested, delivered, or resold.

 No fund – but an honest and clean thing with real physically stored gold bars. Every customer can open the associated gold account free of charge first. Within the company portal, gold bars can also be transferred to other registered customers at any time. Here, the purchase, the investment, and the delivery are partly possible absolutely anonymously.


easygold24 is the modern way to invest your assets safely! Gold even keeps its value if national currencies fall victim to a crisis. Gold bars as investments are characterized by the fact that they are always physically present, even in the event of a falling gold exchange rate. While listed stock can sometimes disappear if there is an economic crisis, gold continues to exist as a means of payment internationally and globally for centuries.

Easygold24 offers the purchase of gold bars in nominal terms from 1 gram to 1 kilo. You can either buy with physical delivery at any time or you can deposit the gold bars for 12 to 36 months.

You can also invest anonymously and opening a gold account is absolutely free. In addition, the gold can also be sold or transferred to another account holder at any time.

Anyone who buys gold via an investment can have his gold bars delivered prematurely at any time, but then he loses the return of 0.4 percent per month. This return will only be included in the delivery after the expiry of the investment period.

A particular advantage of the concept by easygold24 is also that the gold investment does not present a digital number of a fund, but always very specific physical gold bars are purchased.

Protect yourself and your assets against third party access and crises – easygold24 will support you.

In the last 10 years, the gold exchange rate increased by over 101 percent – states buy gold in order to support themselves economically and to protect their national currencies against unfriendly economic policy measures of other countries! There is no end in sight to this trend.


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