Brazil’s finest Embraer specializes in high quality jet manufacturing at a sensible price point. The ambition to offer jets at competitive prices for both the commercial and executive markets without taking quality shortcuts has proven to be a winning concept, making Embraer an ever-growing fish in a pond that isn’t getting any smaller.

What began as a relatively small-scale operation with the intention of producing two planes per year has quickly grown to become a major player rivaling both Boeing and Airbus in terms of both people employed and aircraft delivery. Embraer is highly effective not just when it comes to the pricing model, but also regarding the world around us. As the customers become more environmentally aware, Embraer understands the need to adapt, introducing new, green methods of thinking, even when it comes to producing aircraft! Manufacturing the world’s first alcohol-fueled airplane is the first feat in a list that is sure to expand in the future.