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Via Leonida Bissolati 48, 00187, Rome, Italy
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Veronica Sagliaschi
About ReLiving
We are a new company of Residential Real Estate set up by expert minds, who have been working in this sector for years and have in-depth knowledge of the industry with the aim to satisfy our clients’ most exclusive desires. We are at your service for the purchase of ideal properties meeting a wide range of needs and with the main aim of simplifying long and exhausting real-estate negotiations. We are also here to handle all the stressful bureaucratic operations on your behalf as to free you from stressful stages of any renovation.

We are aware that Real Estate transactions are among the most important investments in life, for this reason we offer you a new and integrated range of services that supports you along a complete and high-quality path.

We guide you throughout every step of the process; our challenge is to minimise problems and maximise results through solutions that could be tailored to your needs.