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Paglieri Real Estate

Via XX Settembre 1/2 sx, 16121, Genova, Italy
Paglieri Real Estate
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Ermanno Paglieri
Paglieri Real Estate
About Paglieri Real Estate
Our team has three secrets...
Ours is a well-established and structured team, who have been working together for a long time and who have learnt, over the years, to keep the 3 most important secrets to succeed as a Property Finder in Liguria.
Being a Property Finder is not the same as being a traditional Estate Agent.
To be a Property Finder you have to have an extra gear.
What are our 3 secrets?
All right, we'll tell you.
Sense of responsibility, passion and knowledge of the territory.

As Property Finder we make it easy to find your next home
Thanks to our knowledge and experience gained in Genoa and the Riviera di Levante, we are a guarantee for those who are looking for a luxury property but need total support in the process of purchase and sale.

We offer only properties that have the characteristics you require, so you won't waste time.

Our service, made to measure, is the secret to satisfy the most demanding customers.

You'll find the ideal home for your every wish.

We will guide you through the offer and negotiation process, evaluating your potential purchase and closing the sale.