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Màxelway International Group

Viale Monza 347, 20126, Milan, Italy
Màxelway International Group
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Màxelway International Group
About Màxelway International Group
Màxelway International Group specializes in consulting and developing real estate projects in Italy and around the world.
The Group, which has as its historical founder Mr. Ahmed Bin Kandil Jadi, a Saudi philanthropist, has 11 representative offices in the world and has developed, thanks to the expertise of its CEO, Dr. Flippo Mascellaro, as well as majority shareholder, in one of the most important advisors on the world scene that operates mainly in the luxury, historical and hospitality real estate sector.
The current international portfolio for sale has a value of 15 B euro. The company deals with high-end private investors, family offices, investment funds and hotel chains. Furthermore, it's the ideal advisor for hotel management, sports management, wine business as well as high-end luxury rentals.