Eurocopter EC135T2+ Price On Request

Eurocopter EC135T2+
Eurocopter EC135T2+
Eurocopter EC135T2+
Eurocopter EC135T2+

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  • Year: 2008
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • TTAF: 2923
  • Serial number: 0745
  • Condition: Used



  • Aerolite EMS installation

  • 3 Axis auto pilot

  • Bear Paw load spreaders

The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations. Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

  • Honeywell KNI 416 Rad Alt

  • HISL Hella


  • IFR Training Screens fixed provisions

  • Lengthened skids

  • Windscreen wiper system

  • Cargo hook mirrors – fixed provisions

  • Cargo hook system – fixed provisions

  • Emergency floats – fixed provisions (standard landing gear only)

  • RH External Rescue Hoist- fixed provisions

  • Harness attachment hard point in the cabin

  • Extended door opening rear clamshell doors

  • Pilot and co-pilot Jettisonable doors

  • Co-pilots extended door opening

  • LH & RH sliding door fastener

  • ELT C406-2HM inc Nav option (Artex C406)

  • Landing & search light, 400W

  • Co Pilot Flight Controls

  • Bleed air heating EMS

  • Meghas Sensor Kit

  • Co-pilot pitot static system

Mission Equipment/Medical Equipment

  • Sepura Tetra Radio installation- Bond MOD 001 Fixed Provisions Only

  • Bear Paw load spreaders – Dart STC

  • Aerolite EMS installation PN 135375- 502. Factory Install with the following key features: 

  • Rear and side loading Combi Stretcher

  • Reversible Technical Crew Member front seat

  • HEMS cabin seating including fwd. swivel seat

  • Medical floor with integrated drains

  • Oxygen and Entonox distribution system, including cylinder rack and service panel.

  • Medium storage cabinet with lockable door

  • Scoop stretcher storage

  • Rear bulkhead rails- capacity 10 Kgs each side

  • LH window rails – capacity 2 Kgs

  • Suction unit- Universal Adapter with Atmoport Retainer


  • TAC Comms NPX138 Tac 4

  • Skyforce Sentinal moving map

  • Gooseneck light pilot only

  • Distance measuring equipment DMS-44A (Chelton/Wulfsberg)

  • MEGHAS – Flight Control Display System (FCDS) – Single (4XSMD45)

  • ADF system DFS-43A & control unit CD-432B (Chelton/Wulfsberg)

  • GPS Nav system 2101

  • VCS-40A & CD402B control unit – NVG (Chelton/Wulfsberg)

  • Audio/Comm control system AS3100-12/13 (Becker)

  • Transponder (Mode S) MST 67A & PS 578A control unit – NVG (Honeywell)

  • VOR/ILS/MKR Navigation system (Chelton/Wulfsberg)

  • Avionics/Radio master switches for pilot & co pilot (Special ECD)

  • 2” Stand-by horizon A1 804DC (Goodrich)

  • UMS – Helisafe

  • 3 Axis auto pilot

  • NPX FM radio

  • TAS Avidyne 620

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