1997 Bell 430 SN 49033 Price On Request

1997 Bell 430 SN 49033
1997 Bell 430 SN 49033
1997 Bell 430 SN 49033
1997 Bell 430 SN 49033

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Price On Request


  • Year: 1997
  • Serial number: 49033
  • Condition: Used



1997 VIP Bell 430 FOR SALE


Client will also consider part trade options as below:

  • Part-trade  for Bell 407 GXP or GXI or

  • Part-trade for Bell 407 GXP or GXI involving this Bell 430 & clients 2008 Bell 206B3.

Bell 430 Highlights:

Approx. 5,053 Hrs TT  VVIP Configuration, Immaculate Condition 
Fresh 5,000 Hr Inspection / All Major Airframe Components Overhauled 

3 Place Aft Facing Couch Assy With Storage Drawers and Fold-down Middle Back For Access to Refreshment Center.).
Forward Facing Seating (2 ea) Place With Fold Up Armrest For Third Seat Position. 
Protective Work Covers 
ISO-Quiet Multi-Layer Panels and Headliner With Padded, Custom Selected Finish.
Touch-Tone Controls For Lights. 
Deluxe Carpeting and Pad Reading Lights. 
Aft ICS with Pilot Call Light and Handset in Rear Cabin, ''No Headset''.
Aft Facing Refreshment Center (Behind Center Seat Fold Down).
MSA Window Shades Custom Wood Accent Trim for Doors and Side Panels. 
Cabin Hardware in Gold Passenger Assist Handles (Gold Plated).
Cabin Thresholds (Gold Plated). 
Elevator Strobes (Separate Switch Control). 
MSA Window Shades to Mechanical Plastic Air Outlets.
Cockpit Inside Door Handles, Ash Trays and Headset Hangars (Goldplated).
Pilot and Co-pilot Floor Protectors Under Pedals to be Polished Stainless. 
Pilot and Co-Pilot Scuff Protectors on Forward Side Panels. 
Coat Hooks (2 ea) Goldplated.
Leather Covering for Pilot and Co-Pilots Seats.
Bell Furnished Heated Windshield. 

Dual Controls – Bell 
ELT C406-1 HM – Artex 
Portable Halon 1211 –  H3R Aviation 
Landing Light – Adams Aviation 
Upper Aux Fuel Kit – Bell 
Particle Separator – Bell 
Soundproofing Fwd Cabin – Bell 
Soundproofing Aft Cabin – Bell 
Retractable Landing Gear – HTD Aerospace 
Unheated Windshield – Bell

Transponder Mode S MST-67A – Bendix King       
ADF Receiver – Bendix King 
Magnetic Standby Compass – SIRS
ICS System KMA24H –  Bendix King 
VHF Transceiver (KTR908) –  Bendix King
Control Display Unit (KFS 598A) –  Bendix King
NAV 1 Transceiver (with EFS) (KNR634A) –  Bendix King 
NAV 2 Transceiver (with 4EFS) (KNR634A) –  Bendix King 
DME Transceiver (With EFIS) (KDM706A) – Bendix King
Radar Altimeter (KRA405) – Bendix King 
GPS Receiver (KLN-90B) – Bendix King 
Directional Gyro (KSG 105) – Bendix King
Vertical Gyro (KVG350) – Bendix King
SBY ATT Battery – Marathon Norco
Slave Control (KA-51B) – Bendix King
Flux Valve (KMT-112) – Bendix King
Airspeed Indicator – Bell 
Altimeter Indicator – Bell 
Turn & Slip Indicator – Bell 
Air Data Computer (KDC 481) – Bendix King 
Flight Computer (KCP 520) – Bendix King 
Automatic Flight Control System (KMS-540) – Bendix King 
Altitude/Vertical Speed Indicator (KAV-485) – Bendix King 
EFIS Display  – Rogerson Aircraft

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