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Wings of Metatron
Wings of Metatron
Wings of Metatron
Wings of Metatron

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  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Germany


The wings of Metatron are the energy field surrounding the archangel. This energy field uplifts us
and encourages us to seek the higher truths and finer vibrations of the celestial world from which
we come.
Renowned artist Donna
McCain is well known in the German-speaking regions of Europe and has international importance.
Owning an artwork from Donna McCain is an exquisite experience. It is more than just art. The artworks connect to different worlds and are like a portal to another dimension. Her art is reviewed as rich and deep, playful, beautifully structured and absolutely unprecedented in the art world. When you are in search of that special item to complete your extravagant interior decor Donna McCain ́s art not only leaves you wishless but raises the vibrations to a higher level.

Name: Wings of Metatron
Size: 120 x 80 cm
Style: Mixed Media Materials: Resin, acrylic paint, precious gemstones, plated gold
Year: 2019
Stands for: high vibrations, celestial experience, truth
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Interstellar Art GmbH

Kisterstrasse 1
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Oliver Eberlein

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