The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Retro Futurist Time Collection Price On Request

The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Retro Futurist Time Collection
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Retro Futurist Time Collection
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Retro Futurist Time Collection
The Legendary 4004 Reborn - The Retro Futurist Time Collection

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  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Address: Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France
  • Internal Reference: 4004RFC



The Legendary 4004 Reborn Concept

A tribute to the very first and most iconic microprocessor of the history, the legendary Intel™ 4004, by inventing and designing unique working Time Masterpieces collections and invention pieces.

The Retro Futurist Time Collection, part of the 4004 Reborn Concept

This piece of Art is an UFO in the fine world of horology. 

The 2019 Retro Futurist Time Collection includes an improbable functional assembly of american and russian parts, which should never have met in their time, and combining in a exclusive design, the legendary Intel™ 4004 component, ultra reliable low-pressure vacuum russian displays and memories, past and present technologies, modern and collectible components, to reveal a surprising piece of horology Art.

It has required more than 3000 hours of development, starting several years ago with the first drawing of the 4004 Reborn Concept, including hardware & software designs, as well as redesign of the entire environment and tools to give a second life to the legendary 4004 component.

The extraordinary Intel™ 4004 microprocessor, released in November 15th, 1971, opened at its time a new era in integrated electronics for the next decades, and is now, one of the most iconic and desirable component on the planet, presented here in perfect shape and condition.

At its time, the Intel™ 4004 not only changed the way of computing, but also changed the whole computing industry...

The Retro Futurist Time Collection specifications

  • Local time displayed on the first line,

  • Current date and geographic position (latitude, longitude altitude) successively displayed on the second line,

  • Time, date and position automatically adjusted by onboard GPS receiver to provide absolute accuracy,

  • Core electronics designed with Intel™ 4004 component and associated companion chips. 

  • Genuine Intel™ 4004, in perfect condition and shape,

  • 87'771 precious instructions executed per second,

  • Intel™ 4004 program memory components, neon bulbs, low pressure vacuum glass displays from ultra reliable russian technology,

  • Size: 400mm (L), 340mm (H), 50mm (D),

  • Weight: 14.5 lbs / 6.6 kg.

  • Worldwide international guarantee of 10 years.

The 4004 Reborn Concept - Invention pieces

Invention pieces are specific versions of the Retro Futurist Time Collection with ultra rare version of the legendary Intel™ 4004 component, with 1 of 1 unique piece available for the Timeless Masterpiece Edition, and 4 pieces for the White Edition.

About the engineering artist

After 15 years in the industry, passionate about electronic design and horology, Frédéric invents and develops a new aesthetic concept in contemporary art, combining Art and Sciences, vintage and modernity, technologies of today and yesterday. His artworks reinterpret the passing time. Second after second, progressive and random illuminations of orange light, animated digits and sparkling effects, create several visual rhythms marking the unique signature of his collections.

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