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Statue Archangel Michael
Statue Archangel Michael
Statue Archangel Michael
Statue Archangel Michael

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  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Germany
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Donna McCain´s Works are on auction.
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We find stories about archangels in all three major world religions of the West. In their essence, they stand for the virtues of humanity. In our life, we can do many things wrong and we can find ourselves lost on a wan-
dering path. To consolidate, one can ask for the help of Michael. His light will guide
you through the valley of darkness. We also can learn true leadership from him.

Donna McCain uses a unique mixed-media technique to create this statue, combining a variety of materials into a new entity. The core of the statue is an antique wood-beam, which was recovered from the roof of an old half-timbered house. Gems such as Herkimer Diamonds, Rock Crystalfind their place as ornaments. The use of silver leaf dominates and the lush silver coloring seduces to impressions of opulence and abundance The incorporated berg crystals entwine the statue in spiral patterns and the irregular interjections of Pranacrystals and Pranadrops are characteristic of Donna McCain's playful abstract style that wraps complex shapes into timeless simplicity. Rounding out the elegance of the statue with a fine wooden base made of Thai driftwood.

  • Height: 185 cm

  • Base: 50 cm in diameter

  • Weight: 30 kg

  • Materials: Oak, Resin, Gold Leaf, Herkimer Diamond, Berkristall, Citrine, Ruby Amber, Acrylic Color, Prana Crystal, Pranadrops.

  • Stands for:  Purity, Light, Expression of the higher self

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