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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Welcome to BAAK motorcycle, where we build bespoke bikes that honor classic motorcycle styles while using a mix of craft and latest technologies.

Founded in France in 2013, BAAK has designed, manufactured and sold over 100 unique bespoke bikes for riders across Europe. Until now, we have been limited to only shipping our French-made, handcrafted parts to creative and handy motorcyclists in the US. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are bringing our tailor-made bikes to America!

Every motorcycle owner takes pride in their bikes. From polished chrome fenders to hand-tooled leather seats and saddlebags, we’ve all been seduced by the endless mods available to modern motorcycles. But there comes a time for the amateur mechanic when home tools and YouTube tutorials are not enough: your bike deserves better. You deserve a better bike.

That’s where BAAK comes in. We employ expert artisans and craftsmen to build your motorcycle from the ground up. We take the time to get to know you, your aesthetic and your riding style to inspire us in the creation of your dream bike.

We transform brand new leisure or travel bikes into classical pieces of machinery that meet your specific needs. No more cookie-cutter, mass-manufactured, “which one of these is mine?” bikes for you. You don’t need to squint to pick a BAAK bike out of a lineup. Their clean lines, backdated styles and high-quality craftsmanship match the adventurous spirits of their one-of-a-kind riders. For inspiration for your bespoke bike, take a look at some of our past builds here.

Our Los Angeles workshop was created with balance in mind: between the old and the new, work and play, small and large scale. You can schedule a visit to our combined showroom, coffee lounge and factory where all of our US bikes are designed and assembled.
You can reach us by email at contact@baakusa.com for an appointment to design your dream bike.

Since every bike is custom built to a client’s unique needs and specifications, there isn’t one precise method of building a BAAK bike. It’s like tattoo artistry: each craftsman has their signature designs, but you decide what they ultimately paint onto the canvas. To start drafting your masterpiece, schedule a consultation today.

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