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Prestige Property Greece Ltd

Hanbury House, Lower Way, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Prestige Property Greece Ltd
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Sharon Bedlow
Sharon Bedlow
Prestige Property Greece Ltd
Steve Bedlow
Steve Bedlow
Prestige Property Greece Ltd
Über Prestige Property Greece Ltd
Your Concierge Realtor for buying property in Greece.

It is not just the property...it's the lifestyle and all about location...

Who are Prestige Property Greece Ltd?

With a high standard of providing Real Estate services, we seek to conduct good efficient business, making the property buying process simple for our clients.

Prestige Property Greece Ltd was originally created to sell property in Portugal (Prestige Property Portugal Ltd), which we have and still are, successfully making clients dreams come true in owning their oversea's second home or even relocating to a better life...

When an opportunity opened up on the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos, why would we not consider expanding the Business to making more dreams come true across the Ionian sea...?

Our small family team are comprised of experienced professionals with an extensive knowledge of the buying and selling property market and will be open to your idea's whilst also not being afraid to suggest any better alternatives.

In addition, we have a fully computerized system and Partnership Agreements across the Zakynthos island, which allows greater flexibility in research and adaptation of the profile of the property to meet client requests.

We work from both the UK and Greece so can be flexible to chat, meet and discuss client requirements in many different circumstances - we do not operate on a 9-5.00pm basis - we work when needed and therefore can be very flexible to meet our client's needs!

Contact us to start your property search and make your Greek dreams come true...Sharon, Steve & Jacky look forward to meeting you...