What makes Wiesmann special?

The Wiesmann logo features a gecko, which symbolizes the fact that with a Wiesmann, your car is sticking to the road like one, something you'd expect of a car that is assembled by hand. The Wiesmann brothers founded the company to profess their love for classic muscle roadsters, and the passion they bring to their art is still what runs through Wiesmann cars.

Who drives a Wiesmann?

The driver of a Wiesmann loves designs that hark back to the golden age of roadsters, but prefers the ease of modern technology and contemporary performance.

Exclusivity & Rarity

Manufaktur der Individualisten. In their 20 odd years of existance, Wiesmann has grown to become a marque that possesses the expertise to produce exquisite sports cars to the tune of the customer's wishes. The German firm is equipped with a thorough knowledge of anything roadster-related, from materials to any other matters of production. Currently only available in Europe and the Middle- and Far East, Wiesmann is hoping to expand in the future, but never forgetting to always control every single aspect of their production, ensuring the top quality of their cars.