Polaris is a company with over 60 years of experience and provides All-Terrain vehicles (ATV), Side-by-Side Vehicles (SxS), Snowmobiles, Moto-Roadsters or Light-Duty Haulers among their wide range of products. Since its foundation in 1954 by Edgar and Alan Hetteen and David Johnson, the company has been associated with high-quality outdoor adventure and people who are passionate about powersports.

To prove the endurance of their product, a just developed snowmobile, the co-founders organised a 1,200-mile snow journey through Alaska in 1960. That 12-day and 3-snowmobile expedition paid off to such an extent that not only did the founders confirm that those particular snow vehicles were capable of bearing hardship and distant wilderness, but they also won omnipresent popularity.

The model to cross Alaska was Polaris Sno Traveler. It weighed 450 kg (1,000 lb) and could move at a speed of 32 km/h (20 mph). The following models of the mid 1960s, the Comet and the Mustang were aimed to be smaller, hence incapable of travelling in all snow conditions, but the latter turned out to be a masterstroke and a desired increase to company’s sales.

In 1985 Polaris began the process to diversify the products and introduced the Trailboss – the first American-made ATV, or the Rocky Mountain King – a specialised snowmobile for mountain terrain. There were also several acquisitions and investments by Polaris, for example, in Brammo and electric vehicles (later acquired by Polaris entirely). Polaris Defense, which is a division of Polaris, signed military contracts with the U.S. Armed Forces for MRZR-D, an ATV to support ground units and provide logistics; and for DAGOR, a light-weight combat vehicle capable of moving at high speed even on rough terrain.

The company considers safety and ethics a priority which explains their global success and customers’ loyalty regarding the purchase of snowmobiles or ATVs.