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22 Plymouth Road Runner for Sale

As important part of automotive history, Plymouth has introduced many iconic pieces to the market. Having series of muscle cars, that are now a true rarity, Plymouth was able to feature their machines on NASCAR races and on the streets. Many people are looking to go back in time and ride those powerful machines once again to feel the spirit of classic American muscle cars.
Who drives Plymouth cars: Plymouth cars are for confident people who know what to expect when they get into it. Massive and powerful cars are not for everyone. There are plenty of famous people who would drive Plymouths, including singer Johnny Cash (who said that 1954 Plymouth Savoy was the best car he ever owned), actor Don Johnson or Mickey Rooney.
Rarity & Exclusivity: All Plymouth cars available on the market are now “limited edition” as none of them are manufactured anymore. There are several models that are truly collectible, for example Plymouth Superbird from 1970, which there is only about 1000 pieces available worldwide.