Two tone Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Maybach S 600 for Sale

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1 two tone Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Maybach S 600 for Sale

The Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Maybach S600 is the most exclusive and luxurious limousine Mercedes-Benz offers. It is the model that is closest to the original Maybach cars but technologically far ahead of those. It has a 6.0L V12 that gently and easily accelerates the car up to a top speed of 250km/h. A wheelbase that is just one inch shorter than the Maybach 57’s, allow a lot of space on the interior, which is completely trimmed on rear seat comfort. The seats are not only super pleasant to sit or lay in but you also have all kinds of technical features to increase your comfort or just play with and the list of options available for this car is endless. You can have heated and cooled cupholders, massage seats or a champagne cooler with sterling silver champagne goblets, just to name a few.
The Mercedes-Maybach S600’s opponents are the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne which are also available here on