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What Makes a Maybach Car Special:

Maybach have always built big engines powering even bigger things, and with clients like Zeppelins, it’s no wonder they know how to make things move. Unparalleled in motorcar luxury, a Maybach can be specified and fitted with almost anything, a rather obvious choice for a president to use as the mode of transportation.

Who Drives Maybach Cars:

A chauffeur drive Maybach cars whereas the owner sits in the back, reading, working, watching a film or having a meeting. There are probably not many things you can’t do in the back of a Maybach. Clients usually range from wealthy businessmen to heads of state and royalty, an impressive club to be a part of.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

All Maybachs are both rare and exclusive due to the heritage the name carries. Purely a manufacturer of luxury limousine vehicles, Maybach is one of a kind in today’s market. With many of the vintage Maybachs being produced in extremely low numbers, rarity is a guarantee.