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What makes a Maserati car special:

Maserati enjoys the advantage of being Italian and has thus managed its heritage well. Starting out a pure racing marque, Maserati has a long line of race victories in its history. Built for speed, Maseratis are elegant in their litheness and have always gone their own way styling-wise. Having established itself as a luxury performance marque, Maserati currently manufactures one saloon, the iconic Quattroporte and one GT coupe, the GranTurismo.

Who drives Maserati cars:

The Maserati driver is after the Italian sophistication without going for the hardcore image of Maserati’s geographical neighbour. You can have smooth transportation ideal for grand tours with the family or one of the current market’s best grand tourers for two, your choice. The Italian flair is present in the styling without taking over so drivers will feel comfortable without needing to be flamboyant.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

A true racing brand from the very first car, Maserati’s history is littered with priceless classics ensuring exclusivity on the highest level. Having secured wins all over the free world, iconic cars like the Maserati 8CTF, the A6GCM, the 250F, the 200S, the 300S, the 350S, the 400S and the Tipo 6, one of the best known race cars of the 1960ies, Maserati’s place among the greatest racing marques in history is firmly set in stone. Today, some can enjoy the spectacular MC12, a road going version of thunder.