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This British racing car company founded in 1958 by Eric Broadley was one of the biggest and oldest operating manufacturers of motorsport vehicles in the world. Broadley was one of the most influenciar sport cars designers and thanks to his efforts Lola became a part of many projects in sports cars races, Formula One and IndyCar. The company was eventually sold by Broadley in 1999 and unfortunately ceased to exist in 2012.

Who Drives Lola Cars

Lola cars are legendary and any devotee of motor racing will drool at the opportunity to have one of them in the garage. In total Lola achieved to have 3 won Indy 500 races, 12 Le Mans class wins, 4 Le Mans class titles and 5 American Le Mans crowns. Thanks to Lola not only many famous car racers managed to successfully finish the contest but also the celebrities with the racing bug. In 1967 Jim Garner with his Air Lola T70 was just second to Team Penske in the Daytona 24 Hour race. In 1979 Pink Floyd’s drummer, Nick Mason with the Lola T297 was second in class at Le Mans and the car is still the part of his impressive vehicles collection. Lola also cooperated with the racing team founded by the famous actor and performance car addict, Paul Newman. 

Lola Cars for Racing Fans

Definitely the car worth your interest in the first Lola: the Mk 6 with the Ford V8 engine. Designed by Broadley himself, the model inspired Ford Motor Company to create their famous GT40. In the 1960s Lola triumphed as one of the best chassis suppliers and it was just the beginning of Lola’s future successes in motosports - the Lola T70 and its successors participated in various car races such as the World Championship for Makes or the CanAm series. In the 1970s the CanAm races were totally dominated by the Lola rebodied Formula 5000 cars. In the 1980s Lola prepared the T600 model with a revolutionary aerodynamic design specially for IMSA GT races. In the late 90s starting from the B98/10 and B2K/10 models they launched a new line of sports cars chassis for Le Mans races. The prototypes appeared to be a successful area for Lola. The LMP2 was a category in which the company proved to be innovative and inspiring, just take a look at the MG-Lola EX257 or Lola B01/60. Another success was Lola’s collaboration with Newman/Haas Racing team which brought them a series of victories in IndyCar. Lola's starting point in Formula One was Mk4. Later Lola just assisted in designing and manufacturing F1 cars. They helped BMW and Honda, and participated in various projects such as Embassy Hill with their Lola T370 in the 70s, Haas Lola, the most successful for the company Larousse in the 80s, and the most disastrous, Scuderia Italia and MasterCard Lola in the 90s. Lola company had their ups and downs but the collectors of historic racing cars will surely find most of Lola models worth buying.