In 1958 four superperformance cars enthusiasts, the Walklett brothers, launched their production of racing and sports vehicles in England. After their retirement in 1989 the company changed hands a few times to finally become the part of LNT Automotive. Through its almost 60 years of operation, Ginetta gained the recognition as one of the most renowned British heritage race cars brands. To promote motor sport racings they organize one-make championships both for the aspiring teenage drivers and adult sports cars enthusiasts: the Ginetta Junior Championships and the Ginetta G40 Cup.   

Ginetta Cars for Motorsports Fans

The aim of Ginetta is to create the efficient and great value sport cars of innovative design so if you love auto racing you can find the real titbits for your collection among the Ginetta models. Their first car was the G2, which was just a kit for sports cars enthusiasts. After the G2 came the 1959 G3 with a glass fibre body and the 1961 G4 equipped with the Ford 105E engine. The G4, unlike its predecessors, was not designed exclusively for motor sports but could also be used as a regular everyday car. The following Ginetta models, the 1964 G10 and G11 were power-upgraded units with the Ford V8 engine. The G12 was a competition car in the mid-engine format. Definitely worth attention is the G15, a two-seater coupé with a glass fibre body and a rear-mounted 875 cc Sunbeam Imp engine, manufactured between 1967 and 1974. It was the first complete Ginetta car to be sold. Another famous model is the G50, which Ginetta launched in 2005 to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. During its first race in the European GT4 Cup the G50 finished second and together with the G50 the GT4 became Ginetta’s best selling vehicle, winning many auto racings. The latest models, the G40 and the G55 are the stars of the Ginetta races and Challenges.