The Ferrari 599 GTO is one of the most exclusive modern Ferraris and limited to only 599 items. It is a special version based on the 599 GTB, to be precise it is based on Ferrari’s race car 599XX which itself is based on the 599GTB. According to Ferrari, in 2010, when the GTO was released, it was the fastest street-legal Ferrari ever built. The most obvious optical changes to the 599 GTB are more side vents around the car for better airflow to the brakes and engine. But most changes happened technically: a stronger engine, new transmission and a lot of lightweight parts conclude in a scaringly fast Ferrari that looks like there would not be space for a shoe between the floor and front bumper.
Based on the 599 GTO Ferrari built a convertible that is limited to 80 units. Its name is SA Aperta and it is a desirable collector's item.